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About Us

Secretariat Affairs Section:
* Principal, Vice-Principal Secretary and related public relations matters
* Organizing celebrations: school celebrations, annual meetings
* Conference operations: executive meetings, executive reports
* Seal management, document printing
* Receiving and dispatching school-wide official documents and mail
* Union of Long Term Universities

University Planning Section:
* Self-assessment, school affairs assessment
* North Doctor's Opinion Box
* Appeals Review Committee/Fact Letter
* Medium-range School Affairs Development Plan
* Taipei United University System
* Openness of school affairs and financial information
* Higher Education Deep Farming Program and Related Business

Public Relation & Publishing Section :
* Media PR
* Press release
* School FB official website
* Beiyi Health Express
* Today's Beijing Medical Electronic Newspaper
* NEWSLETTER, Northern Medicine

University archives :
* School History Museum
* Medical Education Museum
* Exhibition of Collection Research and Activities
* Construction of digital archives and databases

Office of Institutional Research :
* School Affairs Research Project
* Thematic analysis of School Affairs Research
* Workshops and activities on School Affairs Research

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