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Public Relation & Publishing Section



Job Description

Mr. Chin-Hsiu Lin
Section Chief


1.Organizes publishing section affairs

2.Maintains media relations contacts

3.Publishes news releases

4.Plans publications

5.TMU Social Media Integration and Management

Ms. Shu-Ping Huang


1. Artistic Design / Graphic Design for School Events

2. Artistic Design / Graphic Design for Special Events

3. TMU Digital Images Database Management

4. Contact Person for Fire safety

Ms. Joyce Chin


1. "TMU Today" Article Collecting

2. "TMU Today" Editing, Proofreading and Writing

3. "TMU Today" Upload and Sharing

4. TMU FB Management

5. Part-time Staff Management

6. Contact Person for Internal Control and Environmental Safety

Ms. Hsin-Fang Chang


1 .Maintains media relations contacts

2. Publishes news releases

3. Plans publications

4. Compiles English-Mandarin brochures

5. Creates annual calendars

Ms. Tessa Tang


1 .Media PR and Maintains media relations contacts

2. News information collection

3. TMU News Interview

4. Publishes TMU News releases

5. Plans TMU Publication Business

6. TMU FB Management

Ms. Serena Lin


1. TMU Social Media Integration and Management (including FB, Instagram etc..)

2. School Introduction Reels and Related Works

3. News Monitoring and Clipping

4. Article Writing and Editing

5. TMU Homepage Banner Editing and Posting

6. PR&PS Online Resources Management