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University Planning Section



Job Description

Section Chief


1. Coordinates and supervises university planning affairs

2. Implements and manages the projects related to university planning

Ms. Emma Lai


1. Secretary to Vice President Lee

2. Conducts affairs related to the Gender Equity Education Committee

3. Implements the MOE funding program for private universities and colleges

4. Compiles the data and statistics for TMU institutional and financial information disclosures

5. TMU contact person for Chinese Excellent Management Association

Mr. Talos Chang


1. Implements the funding program of Higher Education Sprout Project (final report, web page management)

2. Manages and tracks the progress on university Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

3. Conducts affairs related to the University Advisory Committee

4. Manages roll of honor and nomination process of honorary doctorate

5. Manages TMU e-suggestion box

6. Conducts affairs related to self-evaluation

Ms. Yu-Han Lien


1. Implements the funding program of Higher Education Sprout Project (expenditure control, follow-up of implementation progress, the Executive Committee)

2. Conducts affairs related to University System of Taipei

3. Contact person for Environmental, Health and Safety Policy of university planning section

4. Registers lifelong learning hours of civil servants

Ms. Chia-Rong Wu


1. Secretary to General Consultant Ho

2. Organizes TMU annual retreat

3. Conducts affairs related to the Teacher / Student / Faculty Appeal Review Committee

4. Coordinates complaint cases from inside and outside the campus

5. Coordinates the notifications from Ministry of Education

Ms. Rene Chen


1. Secretary to Vice President Chu

2. Implements midterm university development plan

3. Conducts affairs related to university institutional evaluation

4. Compiles data and statistics for college and university regular surveys , and Compiles data for the MOE University Affairs Database

5. Manages Secretariat web page

6. Contact person for internal control of university planning section